Amy Clarke



Amy Clarke has had the honor of being numbered in the top 10% of sales among Shasta County Realtors for many of the 12 years during which she has worked in the field. Here is a little background from Amy giving you a picture of who she is:

Northern California has been my heart's home and my physical home since I was a little girl growing up in Cottonwood. I loved the life of the country, having horses and feeling as free as the wide blue sky here around Redding.  I knew this was where I wanted to raise a family. And now my husband and I have two very busy kids involved in sports, so that's exactly what we are doing! I recently was thrilled with being on the winning team in a Championship Softball game, and it just made me love living here where we have so many recreational advantages all the more.

Owning a local small business, I became educated in the challenges and opportunities we face here in our community, and grew to appreciate the wonderful people I met all around town who were so open and willing to lend a hand or a word of advice. That's when I began thinking of having a profession where my willingness to help could be a good fit both for myself and for my client..and that's when I became a Realtor. Honestly, what other purchase in your life is bigger and more nerve-wracking than buying a home? So that's where I come in!


I love people and the thought that I would enjoy helping in the quest for finding just the right home, being an advocate for my client and serving as "interpreter" for the contract issues and questions that arose was definitely correct. I DO enjoy it. Buying a home is such a huge step, and I deeply appreciate the time and consideration that needs to be invested in the process, so I LOVE helping buyers. I like feeling I helped to see someone's dream come true. And representing sellers is multi-faceted and challenging and presents the need for a competitive edge that I love so much in sports--so there again, a good fit! I hope I can help you find your real estate goals turned into reality.